Interesting throughout. Two unrelated things: 1.Scott linked your aikido-substack on acx, I guess he meant to mention the vase. 2. New poll on Germans and nuclear energy: even most Green-party-voters (54%) support now a "stretching" - i.e. letting the last 3 stations run for some time even after new year's eve 2022 (the planed shutdown). Their party-line is now: "NO TO ANY EXTENSIONS - but stretching may be ok" - no ordering new rods, just use up the remainder. (The pinch of salt is: the poll was paid by BILD - which is not just a BIG paper, but also very pro-nuclear for now.)

Still, this is a far cry from re-activating any plants already shut-down. And worlds from building new plants. https://www.n-tv.de/politik/Gesamtmetall-Chef-denkt-ueber-Bau-neuer-AKWs-nach-article23497635.html Which would take extra-decades and extra-billions in this country. Easier to buy from France. Power is kinda fungible, too. - Winter is coming. And man, are we worried.

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