Aikido Predictions 9/4

Tomorrow card is a bit of a mess, to the extent that my source didn’t even give us proper rotation numbers, which is weird. It also seems Pinnacle no longer does that by default, and Heritage didn’t either, so I’m going to leave them out. Regardless, we do have some plays.

Diamondbacks / L. Weaver +111 at Giants / T. Anderson. We think this is the wrong favorite. Weaver is the only solid starter in this game and the offense backing him is only slightly worse. We would take the Under here as well if we didn’t like the moneyline so much, but it’s probably a duplicate expression of the same opinion at worse odds.

Mariners / Y. Kikuchi -106 vs. Rangers / K. Cody. The Rangers offense is not good. We also like the under for the same reason, but again would rather express our opinion on the better line.

I considered the Under in Phillies/Mets, but my gut as a fan tells me to stay away, and the edge isn’t big enough to force my hand there.

Rockies / Dodgers we’re taking Under 9-102. Looks like Dodgers are starting D. May, whereas the program doesn’t know who it is and is putting in a replacement pitcher. Which makes the moneyline of +224/-250 seem plausible, but then the Under is a clear play - we liked this a little even with a terrible Dodgers pitcher, and instead we have a very good one.

So we’ve come full circle from loving overs to loving unders. Whenever this happens, one wants to kick oneself - there was a pure opportunity before when the numbers were too low, given they’re now even higher than we need them to be. It’s definitely a confidence booster. That doesn’t mean we can get complacent about these unders being the same kind of thing, but it does hint in that direction.